Thursday, April 29, 2010

a day in a life.

ok. I am taking my breath big time. breathe.... breathe... breathe... (sounds a bit like giving birth doesn't it? but it's NOT that.)
Life is all of a sudden become sooo full for me. I remember only 2 months ago I asked God time and time again "what am I suppose to do this year?" since... obviously, this year doesn't go according to what I have planned...

Big news! I'm no longer a lady of leisure (some say that, but never thought I was ever in leisure) but ok, I might've taken a nap here and there whenever I could last year, but now... I have become a working woman (woop woop)... once again! I KNOW!!!! Which I am enjoying!
Thus, the blogging business has becoming a bit slack.
I better do put some cute ones of
Tavé with her aunty Carine learning how to write the letter "T" and of course.... her new cute hair cut.

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

warm warm bun.

bun in the oven + warm sunshine = pretty preggy ms. Brit

Not often do I get to photograph a hot pregnant lady. Meet the one and only... ms. Brit Freeman.
Not only that she's amazing, so kind and from the US of America, she loves God and we all know the little mister who's still cooking inside is going to be one of the most blessed baby ever.

I can NOT wait to meet you, mr. Freeman junior.

Renita Stuart Photography

Monday, April 19, 2010

before and after :: haircut

Guess who just had a haircut?! that's right! little miss Tavé!!!!!
Who would've thought that I could get her to sit still and cut her hair at the same time? it's definitely not straight... especially the back side.. hahaha.

here is the scenario.
mommy: "
Tavé, would you like a hair cut like mommy's?" (pointing at my fringe)
Tavé: "yes mommy! i want hair you" (pointing at my hair and a muddle up toddler accent)

and of we go! ok, she looks more asian now. haha.

before and after.

Friday, April 16, 2010

dear Tavé

have I told you lately how beautiful you are?
and how much I love your tight passionate hug
I miss your voice and presence when you're not around
but I love it even more when you run to me and give me a cuddle after hours being apart

my gorgeous little one, one of my favourite thing is to watch you fall asleep.
you always fights it and tickle my face with mr. bunbun's deteriorated ears until we both giggle

sometimes i wonder where you got your cute grown up attitude from
did you copy me when i put some paw paw ointment on my lips? gosh... you copy everything i do.
you grow up too fast! at least i can stop time with these pictures...
just want you to know...
that I love you every second of every minute since the moment you were born!

Love, Mommy! xoxoxoxo

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

easter bunny. literally.

I had to post these photos. HAD to! this is my second EVER easter egg hunt... in my life. In Indonesia, we never had easter egg in a eatable chocolate form...

Aunty Joy hid all the Easter eggs and bunny for each member of the family (loves!) and scattered mini chocolate eggs for Tave to find them too. Obviously in the easy place that us grown up wasn't allowed to spot and take. Much much fun indeed. Sneaky sneaky Jeremy got me my favourite! Ferrero Rocher!!!!!! and it's soooo big and tasty it puts a big huge grinny smile on my face! Bless my hubby, isn't he so lovely? (the answer is YES!)

Then we had some company for lunch... the Himys!!! Beth played well with Tave and if you seen in one of the pic, Tave was serenading to her... well, she tried to get Beth to dance... funnies thing, whenever we sang the chorus of Beyonce's single ladies, she wiggled and danced! soooo cute!

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

buddha bebe :: baby Cooper

C for chubby - chubby fat baby... I do pray for one of those one day... for me to keep. obviously.

Let me introduce you to Kim and Pete's little man... Judah Zion Cooper. When I met him first time, he was just in his dream land talking back and forth to God and the angels.... I know it! Then, his nosy parents woke him up for a photoshoot... poor kid. hehehe. I honestly didn't mind him sleeping... He is adorable and I could eat him up!

All I can say... glorious fat!!!!!!!!!! love them!
Congratulations Kim and Pete on your little champion! You guys are awesome first time parents!!!!! Jez and I love you three!

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

tea party in the fairyland.

All girls love pink. I love pink... but only since I turned 20... good thing I got married when I was 21, I dressed all my bridesmaid in pink. hehe... imagine if I got married earlier, I would've put all my bridesmaid in orange 'cos that colour used to filled my whole wardrobe! Jeremy can vouch for me on that one.

Happy 1st birthday miss Mylie. I can NOT believe time flies by that now you're one and walking already! I remember my first visit to the hospital when you just arrived in this world... you were tiny and I had the priveledge on changing your wet nappy on your first day!!!!!!!!

Anyhow, Tave brought a teaset as a present for miss Mylie moo and they played together for quite sometime until the Wiggles took over on TV. I think TV is evil....... took away all those precious play time and fellowshipping between our kids!

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Monday, April 12, 2010

mr. rockstar!

I'm so in love with his cheekiness, his smile and his attitude! he is sooo sweet and at the same time... he's a ROCK STAR!!! Meet my friend Bek's little boy, Mr. Lachlan Noah.

The lovely Bek is the face behind Two Smitten (check it out while you're here). I was over doing her little girl's picsy and can't help but snap away at her little mister. He is too much fun!!!! My hubby thinks he's gonna be a stunner when he grows up! I reckon he doesn't even need to grow up to be stunner!

sorry Bek, you have to wait for your little princess's pics hehehe. In the mean while, you got something else you didn't expect! surprise!!!!

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

baby model needed.

wow, i am so overwhelmed with the response regarding the baby model needed I posted on Facebook. It is for the purpose of expanding my portfolio and i want to try something new... for a change...
pretty much, i need a baby model (preferably a newborn or before 1). The shots will take about 20-30 minutes, and only 30km within Robina. I can either come to your house or go to a locations...
In return for your time generosity and pretty baby, i will give you 4 prints of 6x8" for you to cherish FOREVER!
So if you are interested and not minding having your precious one as a super model on my new upcoming website , email me on

in the lighter notes, look at my cute little fishy I have in the bath tub. Isn't she so adorable?!

Renita Stuart Photography

Monday, April 5, 2010

have you met miss Sommer?

She's a special kind of person.

What makes a Sommer you might ask?
::A creative genius, beautiful little soul (inside+out), entrepreneur; which in fact, she just won a young importers award recently..., she loves pretty lovely things, loves bubble tea, very kind, compassionate, hilariously funny, always comes up with random cute words, so lovely, not to mention... the best girl-friend + business partner you could ever ask for!

There are too many things to mention how we're so alike. In the sad part, she loves Nikon and I love my Canon. lol... funnily enough, that becomes our strength in our business... Love Spark Photography which at the moment still sits under the banner of
Renita & Sommer Wedding Photography.

FYI: she's single and available! hehe. oh she'd hate me forever for this!

Renita Stuart Photography

Sunday, April 4, 2010

love of my life.

I love the thought of making a little person with someone you LOVE
hehehe... such a mix of the two individuals.

Tavé is so me (stubbornness, creativeness and nerdiness), with Jeremy's hair colour and his loving, kindness, compassion and his musical awesomeness. I love capturing their moment together... she is such a daddy's little princess. Lately, she's been telling me to go away and let her have her alone time with daddy... cracks me up but i found it soooo cute! Sometimes, she'll also break me up when Jeremy kisses me and she wants kisses from daddy too.

Isn't God amazing! His love towards His children is so amazing and we're the exact replica of Him! We'd do absolutely everything and anything for our kiddies!

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter.

how many chocolates have you eaten this Easter? has the easter bunny been kind to you?

the real question to ask on Easter is.
Do you know what Jesus has done for us over 2000 years ago? God gave His only begotten Son to die for us so we can inherit the eternal life! how cool is that!
"Greatest day in history, death is beaten, You have rescued me.
Sing it out, Jesus is alive!" --- Happy day by Jesus Culture

So a couple of days ago, Tave's kindy had an easter egg hunt and a bonnet parade! how super cute! Love visiting Tave in this special times! makes me remembering the good ol' times when I was back in kindy myself...

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography