Sunday, July 24, 2011


things that amuse my children.
such simple things.

thought i'd share with you one of our amusing winter morning. love being a mom to these two.

things that amuse them
things that amuse them
things that amuse them

Monday, July 18, 2011

winter warmth.

hello! i'm still alive. yes yes. back in business, back in routine with the kiddies, doing house chores, cooking AND catching up with everyone!!! thus this poor poor blog has been abandoned abit. poor poor you, blog... but... here i am, sharing with you my winter super cute client. pretty!!!!

hope everyone has had a good winter season so far. i have been enjoying my heater and my cup of tea (the tea that's suppose to be good for breastfeeding. haha)

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Thursday, July 7, 2011


here is one of my mom's dog // Tave's favourite dog while in Indonesia

there's a story behind this dog when we were in Indonesia.

after the wedding finished, we came home around 11.30pm and when mom was about to hop into bed, she realised that nonong was missing (ok.. one dog out of 15 dogs that she had) so here's my dad, Jeremy and the maids went around the neighbourhood around midnight looking for this dog. we expected he went outside the house around mid day (since our house was pretty hectic during this day)

at around 3am, we found out that he was found by a becak man (becak: an indonesian rickshaw) who sold him to a bad animal market for $15! so mom freaked out and talked to him the next morning and asked him to get nonong back! and get this! he asked for $60!!! grrrr... seriously... people could make a living doing this! at this guy had his brother killed because apparently the guy stole so many dogs to be chopped up as dog satay at his streetside restaurant! Oh MY GOSH!

ok. nonong is safe now. hooray!


THE wedding day.

We're HOME!!!! at last! after being 5 weeks away, we are finally home! in our peace and serenity of Australian home. I have to say, although i am so terribly homesick of Indonesia (my family and all the yummy food), i am happy to have my bed back and my little kiddies routine! woooo....

I'm so sorry i haven't had anymore post lately, due to:
1. so jetlagged from a crappy Bali-Darwin-Brisbane jetstar flight (travelling with kids with this flight is really really terrible!!!!)
2. setting on routines back for the kiddies
3. you'd so laugh at this.... i have to adjust back to normal life! no more indo maids, cooks, and free babysitter! hahaha.... it was a blissful holiday i have to say.

So a lot of you have been asking me about this wedding! HOW WAS THE WEDDING? here are some of the pics i managed to take on the day while juggling with BIG dress i had to wear, a big camera and my little boy who couldn't sleep due to a super loud entertainment on the wedding. oh well we all had fun!

look how proud my dad is! it was such a special ceremony. yes yes i did cry....
the reception was so out there! floating giant cake, entertainment across from the pool, 600 guests, and the food was amazing! gotta say... wedding of the century!