Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Circus Love Birds

The sky is dark blue, the stars are starting to shine, and the night circus life has begun!

two little love birds known as mr ben and miss jenn dragged me into the circus at night! hehehe. too cute! don't you think?

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Saturday, September 11, 2010

the love of camera.

I do love mr. Ay-Jay (aka my Canon 5d), i love polaroids, i love diana F+, i love vintage cameras.... and i love..... Yummy LENSES!!!! hehehe.

yes Sommer... i am talking about your brand new fish eye lens! i can NOT wait to play around with it... (with your total permission of course) :) plus i think i earn some points for it didn't i?

xoxo for you miss Emily! i wish i could put more of your photos on my blog! sooo many cute shots from your session! yay

Renita Stuart Photography

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Friday!!!

Time to chillax... it has been a super week! lots to do, lots to edit, and.... woops... i did get sucked in into Grey's Anatomy's seasons. NOT GOOD!

Congratulations to my friend Fleur and Aaron Maurice for their little baby princess who just arrived on the 8th September 2010! ooohhhh she is cute cute cute. I can NOT wait to photograph her chubby little cheeks.

Happy weekend everyone.

Renita Stuart Photography

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

trip to the hair dresser

ok confession time... I might have cut Tavé's hair before... *slightly crooked... nonetheless... we have made it to a proper hairdresser, who generously told me where to line her hair and give few tips here and there.

I could be a children hairdresser now after all those knowledge.... maybe? not.
I should stick to my camera i think... and take pictures such as "first time at the hairdresser" moments and share it with you all. hehe.

ps. I do wish the hairdresser would spray my hair with glitter after she's done

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Father's Day

it feels like Christchurch weather today... gloomy and cold... but i like it. ha! my body aches a bit but especially my legs... i've been squatting around, running around, jumping around, and even did a weird pose just to get the perfect pictures of the super cute lovebirds who just recently got hitched... Kirra and Benj Tan. (photos will come... soon...or whenever i finish editing them haha) -- only at

ps: Thank you Tegan for being the bestest support for me for the wedding yesterday! had such a fun road trip and date at the Thai place after we finished the wedding to celebrate before we had another Sunshine Coast - Gold Coast road.

rather than that, lets take our focus on all the dad's around the world... today is your day! Happy Father's Day! I personally want to thank:
1. my dad for his love, awesomeness and of course his mullah for sending me all the way overseas for a better life (yeah. i met my hubby that way...)
2. my hostdad Alan (who i was adopted into their family when i was living in NZ) because of his courage, love and strictness that got me in the right course for life.
3. my father in law... totally amazing man in many way. so thankful for him and his love for God.
4. last but not least... my husband. If you think you know Jeremy well, you don't know him inside the house like i do... He's a great+splendelicious dad and husband, a great provider for the family, helps me with housework massively (esp when i have so much work), and a lover for Jesus Christ.

as for today's special pic,... meet first time dad, Marty. Happy Father's Day to you, mate!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

happy spring!!!

spring is here! spring is here! i have to admit i have to sadly say buy-bye to my nice cold weathery season... WINTER! i honestly don't like the heat... but hey... one of my favourite season is here (beside autumn)! HELLOOOOOOO spring!

weather is warmer... time to get moving and take your camera outside and capture God's amazing creation... mind you, don't go too close to a snake or a crocodile... i'm talking about nice flowers... tall long grass with pretty flowers on top... little lady bird perching on a green leaf... those sorts of things.
Even this morning Tave got dressed up to kindy with her sunnies and beach hat. my little fashionista got it all sorted. too cute!

Have you met my beautiful friend miss Emily? of love mae of course... (see post below)
she is my new miss spring of my blog. hehehe. *bit cheezy there*

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