Monday, February 21, 2011

My Son Shine

Introducing... my handsome little prince... Benjamin Peter Stuart

stat. born on the 16th February 2011 // 11.44pm // 7 pounds 2.5 ounces // 47cm length // A BOY!!!!

i somehow do feel my life is complete right now. big huge sigh. so in love. all over again.
i'm sure you'll see him from time to time appearing on this blog. yes.... i think he should.

ps. this photos were taken during his first photoshoot with miss Sarah from Sarah Watson Photography. isn't she a smart cookie!

my son shine
my son shine
my son shine
my son shine

what happened 2 days after Valentine's day

which was on the 16th February 2011...

I went into Labour! that was the short version.

long version: I went to my antenatal appointment in the morning and was told that my liver level was a tad high than what they want... so with everything and my history etc etc, they decided to induce me that day! yes... i did freak out. i haven't packed my hospital bag, organise anything, my mother in law isn't here yet, i haven't edit a family session i shot last week... and most of all, i don't think i was mentally prepared. laugh laugh laugh.

so went back home, picked tave up from kindy, packed my bag, got a fast couple of pics with tave and the bump before it dissapear, went to Myer to get some maternity bras (lol) then checked in into the hospital at 6pm ish. Admitted to the labour ward at 8, got my water broken at 9, labour started about 9.20pm, and little baby with a little doodle comes out at 11.44pm! fast fast fast... but this silly BIG clock was around my vision and because of it, i thought it was the longest labour ever. haha.

but yes! he is here! this entry is to be continued..... and these are the photos that are managed to be in my camera from the day.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

and it's the same day as my FULL TERM day! yay... so technically... baby can pop any day now... and i haven't even packed yet.
Jeremy is going to New Zealand for the weekend for his brother's 21st and won't be back 'til Tuesday. mmmm... baby should just comfortable wait for daddy to come back, right?

so this was what i did today. took a stroll on the beach with my teegsy weegsy aka. Tegan. so she took some pics of the ever growing belly and just to memorate that today is a love love full term day. yeeeeee-ha!

oh, when we were at the beach, someone proposed in the uberly cute manner too! check it out! so Tegan and I were in this mad search for Ben and Kat... we wondered... if it's that couple, or that couple, "no... couldn't be them, they're not happy enough" etc etc. quite a time we had. yes yes. so Congratulations to Kat and Ben... hopefully you did say yes. xo

Happy Valentine's day!
will you marry me

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fat Choi!!! I really miss spending Chinese New Year with my family. Last year we got to celebrate it in Indonesia and that was a big day for us... with lots of red pocket money for little Tave too. fun...
So Happy Chinese New Year to you all who celebrate it. Eat some eggs and some noodles! (that's what my mom said to me...) xo

Just want to share with you a little orange treasure hunting from last year... aren't they soooo adorable?!!!

Treasure hunting
Treasure hunting
Treasure hunting
spring spring spring

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

little miss model

hello! i haven't been blogging forever... yar yar... life has definitely taken a slow pace at the moment. hmmm, i am enjoying this last month of pregnancy! did i mention it already? yes!!! last month!!! so it could happen end of this month... maybe maybe!!!! ooh ooh oohhh! yes, excitement!

i just wanted to share some photos i took of Tavé back in at the Stuart's batch in New Zealand. lots n lots of yummy pine trees and amazing places to photograph... sigh. take me back there anytime...
oh, forgot to say... Happy February month! enjoy the LOVE month!!!

New Zealand girl
my love girl!