Friday, May 30, 2008

getting ready to go to New Zealand

That's right! we're going for my father in-law's 50th birthday and my hubby's not even coming with moi
thus, i've been buying all these cute beanies to keep my girl's ears and head happy
although... probably the main reason is cos they're too cute and i can't resist
gosh! it's so true! when u have a girl, u do go broke! sigh
i love it

[day 147] my hat collection

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

yummy baby

this is the postings i did for a friend of mine who has a "yummy baby"
wanna know my description of a "yummy baby"?
yummy baby= baby who is constantly smiling, happy all the time, and even the mum says, she/he never had a gloomy day!

what the heck! is there such baby? well, apparently there is!
meet... Summer-Evie Sunshine!

my marvelous image
little tutu
miss sunshine

Sunday, May 25, 2008

such a good day

oh my gosh! motherhood is getting funner and funner everyday! look what i can do to my girl! although she doesn't like it! hahaha. ah i love it!
well, we did alot today... went to see sommer, and then had crazy bath time with daddy (gosh he took ages to bath Tave) and then to the CBD bar with Kris and Shona to watch the Crusaders take on the semi final, finally... went to Uncle [opa] Johnny's 50th birthday! BIG DAY!!!!

and now off to sleep



Friday, May 23, 2008

my little girly

[day 144] just woke up from morning nap

she's just woken up from her nap! and my favourite thing is when she saw me and give me the biggest smile she has and then flap her arms saying, "mommy, pick me up cos i want a cuddle"
ahhhh melts my heart!

anyhow, i did some newborn photoshoot today. this is what i end up with:

2 little angelsawww

Thursday, May 22, 2008

::my daughter is 6 months today!::


i can't believe it! time flies by! and i bought her a lilyblue bunny cute doll for her 6 months bday prezzie! and time to put mr. blue teddy bear on the wardrobe for her future brother.
mehehehehehe it's so cute!
she giggled to it, hugged, trying to reach even ate this bunny's ear she loves it that much!
ahhhh so cute!
and what makes my heart melt... is when jeremy comes home and her whole face lits up and she just gone all shy sometimes and giggling at the same time!
i love my life! and i love being a mom to the most gorgeous daughter in the world!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

wargh day

well, tave didn't really sleep but oh well.
she didn't even have dinner! oh noooooo! at least she did have luncho weeeeeee
anyhow. this is my pic of the day. she's playing in her cot and listening to her musical mobile.

blog of the day

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May day may day

i've been absent from the lappy for too long! well, only about 2 days.
only cos i've been attending this conference at Surfers Paradise and it is ROCKING! although, one little thing is that Tave just didn't sleep at the night rally. gosh! thus, hubby's going to the last night tonight and i'm staying home guarding the house.

Finally! i've got Tave's nursery done. it's done completely done cos i haven't put those cute picsy i made for her when she was only 4 days old. and the lettering of her name that i so want to put up on the wall.
so here are the sneak peak!

tave's nursery
my marvelous image

Sunday, May 11, 2008

my first mother's day!

and i've had a so so day. cos hubby's got to do some church stuff all day! and child is still depending BIG TIME on me. that's a O K... anyhow. we went to lunch at auntie n uncle's and we had thai! yummy yum yum! robbie n helen were there too.
had such a great morning at church. anyhow... i better post this and continue cleaning up my pantry! all i have to say.... STUPID JOSH! arghhhhhh

[day 132] intrique... another species!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Saturday the big day

Jeremy has been so busy this week. i feel abit left out... nah... when u gotta kid, you don't feel that alone anymore lol.
it's kindda good but i do miss spending time with my hubby. well, this morning tave was up so early cos the boys had to get up early for White Butterfly Reflection project. that was at 7am at Varsity Lakes and it was freezing! thus, tave's cute hat! haha

[day 131] morning breeze with daddy
White Butterfly Project 08balloon

and then continue on.. in the afternoon we've got Octane Beach day out.
so i tagged along with miss princess but she's abit grouchy... i suppose the lack of nap time she had today. and i get some family shot of this rare occassion yyyewwww

loving with mommy
big feet and small feet

she's not liking the water i tell you! it was pretty chilli hehehe
but i'm so proud of her. she's done sooo well! ok. i left early and 80% of the way home she was screaming or crying! poor child...
ok she's napping now at last and i shall end this convo.
love u all and chop chop!

what a great day today {day 130}

did you know it's day 130 out of this 365 days? wowza!
i had such a great day today! miss Tavé was sleeping so much today. she's so happy and cheery! oh goodie!
i still can't believe i watched the Golden Compass! that movie is freaky! what the heck with all of these demons thing. gosh! those craziness trying to rob little kiddies' mind.

[day 130] my soccer ball is somewhere...

anyhow... this is my little princess. she's happy n happy... that's 12pm and she's still on her pjs. hahahaha loving it! oh, and this one here... is the laundry of hers! we've got blessed by all of this size 1 cute tiny dresses! they're so cute!

future dresses of tave's

Thursday, May 8, 2008

6months wellness checkup

and here it is today... again.
she's losing weight apparently. sigh. so that just means that i have to go to check her again in 2 weeks (please put on weight little one! please!!!!)
and i learnt that babies tend to be clingy to you more when they're around 6 months. (that is so right! wow)
so my princess wasn't happy afterwards either and so we're just chillin, watching the sun shinning, and enjoy a moment of... 'selah'


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

hardest decision ever!

wowza! this is my first blog ever! and i never blogged anything before. so proud of myself.
anyhow. where should i start?

i just learned from karen last night something about my camera and i've been practising it! grrr it kinda annoys me. i suppose it's all practise isn't it?
so anywho. this is one of the one that i came up with


mehehehe yes that's my girl! today she is... 5 months and 15 days!
and i'm still thinking when's the best time to start her on solid. la la la