Saturday, April 30, 2011

ten weeks

time flies.... my little pork chop is ten weeks already! thats what tave calls her little brother.

benjamin 10 weeks
benjamin 10 weeks

Thursday, April 28, 2011

melbourne i'm in love

so yes... at last i've finished my editing, in the midst of all the newborn feeding (losing sleep etc) and a toddler pulling every single bit of toys in the house cos mommy doesn't play with her that much lately... i FINISHED it! hahahaha.

so that you know, these are some of my favourite picsies from my melbourne trip. aren't they adorable? such cute cute cute couple! can NOT wait to go again in September for their wedding! xo


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

hello melbourne!

there are things about Melbourne i love. cultures and FOOD! food food food!
i had the privilege of shooting a pre-wedding session of a cousin of mine and her fiance. way cute! i can NOT wait to go through the pics and show you some of the fun things we got up to.

although the rain did ruin our fine Saturday photo shoot, we ended up taking a stroll down Brighton! I've always wanted to go to those hut things! there i was! yay!!!! yes, jumping with a very silly face! my hubby came along as my babysitter. he did amazing!!!! considering every time i went to shoot, Benjamin cried for the whole time i was gone until i came back to the car. bless......
next time i need to hire proper babysitter / assistant he said... any takers?

lets see where my feet took me...

pretty $5 shoes
brighton beach
brighton beach
Renita Stuart Photography
my hot hubby
baby Canon