Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 is just around the corner

another sweet family to photograph!!! this Perth family came to the Gold Coast and when they asked me if I could picture their moment together... ahhhh how could I resist?

the cutest family ever I have to admit.
ahhh I love what I do!

renita stuart photography
renita stuart photography
renita stuart photography

kiwi land wedding

never thought we'd do an international wedding... especially in our first year of doing wedding photography.... NOT in our wildest dream!!!

who did I say 'we'? my bestie Sommer and I have a little wedding photo biz together and we're in the process of making it legal! yeehaaa
so for a little sneak peak, here are some of the photos we did when we were in New Zealand.
note to myself: this was my last wedding for the year... i am in maternity leave now. hahaha... i'm making it such a big fuss... but don't you think it sounds abit oh la la professional? haha.

our links for the moment for facebook is Renita & Sommer Wedding Photography


how sweet it is to be loved by you

Close your eyes and make a wish!

I've known this couple for years now. Mr J used to live with hubby and I way back before i was even pregnant with Tave.
good times... we're practically family.

We had fun doing this photoshoot, with balloons (you never go wrong with tons of red balloons) ahhh bless.
they're getting married on the 6th March next year! so I thought I'd post this session on my blog to remind me that the 2009 is nearly over! eeeekkkk....
i don't think i'm ready.... like i'm not mentally ready to have this baby yet.
but do check with me in the next couple of days... then i might be....

DSC_5693 copy
DSC_5863 copy
DSC_5659 copy
DSC_5653 copy

Monday, December 28, 2009

jingle bell.. jingle bell... jingle all the way

ooohhhh i so love christmas time! all the food, the presents, the pretty lights, the fun and the laughter... so love my little family. one thing i don't enjoy in december though... the heat!!! arghhhh!!!! the worst ever! 3 weeks to go baby! i'm definitely praying for an early labour...

i have spent 2 years of white Christmas in Canada back in the days and i don't think there's any better than rugging up while you smell the cinnamon around the house infront of the fire place... yummm...
but.... nothing beats the warmth of your own family! lovessss it.
oh, check out what i made for christmas eve! chocolate pavlova! my first pavlova ever!!!! quite a big success considering i nearly burnt the motor of my mixer. haha.

christmas morning after presents opening, i cooked a pancake and served them with blueberries. yum yum my tummy say... and Merry Christmas everyone!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

this little cafe i love

have you been to Vintage Espresso?
that little cafe is sooo chic and we so love going there for an afternoon delight.
Especially around this pregnancy, i so can't help but going there all the time and request my one and only salami bagel! ahhhhhh such divine! My mouth is watering already thinking and talking about it.
I just want to memorate this moment and scream it to the world... I LOVE VINTAGE!!!!!
i do love u too, Andrew and Jodie! so mucho! you have done well to the world by birthing this cafe for ppl to indulge! hmmmm.....


ps: do you love Tave's vintage face? that's an obvious evidence that she's been to Vintage!

salami bagel
baby cupcake
TGrace with cupcake
her vintage face!

the festive season

not sure if i've told you, but we got rid of our tv in the lounge and replaced it with a piano that i found from a moving sale.
such a nice change! and oh how i've missed playing it!
now it's a good time to teach my girl how to play a note or two...

and a birdcage goes with it too don't you think? ahh it's so whimsical! i love it!


Friday, December 18, 2009

things i love...

red balloons...
love.... plenty of it!
hugs n kisses....

this family is a dear friend of mine and i happened to shot them... with a camera....
and i just realised that i am actually good with kids... even when they're all pouting their lips and saying NO to smiling...
my grace and patience has grown MEGA time since i have little Tave.
ahhhh i so love being a mom... and i love being a photographer too!!!!