Tuesday, May 29, 2012

autumn morning in Christchurch

Good morning, Wednesday and the world! it's a working day for this one momma here. Dropped the kids of to nanna's place and she's working in front of the computer and every now and then, she'll ponder and dream about life peering through her window. sunshine (which could be quite deceiving with all the cold wind) and all the pretty leaves!!!!

oh, hello there too little birdie!

autumn sky
pretty flowers

row row row your boat

yup, i miss everything Australia. especially the warmth...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

editing monkey

that's what i am! at the moment. 

no no... i haven't gone MIA. been enjoying the new country of residence and doing all the new resident suppose to do. eg. get your driver license changed, get tax file number sorted, get kids' kindy sorted... etc etc etcAND on top of that... i've got two weddings to edit. sweet sweet weddings!

it is now 1.35am and i should really go to bed. but hey.... here are some sweet sweet pics of the one i just edited tonight.
enjoy xoxo 

Friday, May 4, 2012

1 + 1 + 1

one and a bit more week until I say bye bye to Australia! so sad... we've made so many great friends who are like family to us and gosh... i think one thing i'm VERY concerned about is.... THE COLD! why the heck are we moving in the middle of winter? seriously! 

today's been such a nice weather. a bit cloudy and even the rainbow decided to say hello.

here is a sneak peak of today's session. My good friend Sarah & her joker hubby are having a little princess soon! yay as my mom would say "wow... dragon year! BEST YEAR to have babies!" haha
so peeps, if you're thinking of having a baby, you've still got a little chance to still make it in dragon year. keep workin' it! haha xo