Sunday, April 22, 2012

my kitchen helper

there she goes sitting down on her "helping spot". Every time after we finished the mess seems to accumulate around that spot.
My little princess, can't believe she's so grown up. love her to bits.

Sorry about the slack on posting blogs. Life has been so full on with moving country. Golly gosh! and it's not easy being apart from the hubby (who seems to pick up my slack during wedding season big time quite immensely)

my kitchen helper my kitchen helper my kitchen helper

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

mr. B and Diana F+

a bit behind on post, yes i know...
i'm sitting in a library on a cold cold Christchurch at the moment... actually, i lied that it's being cold. the sun is shinning so hotly i think it might tan my legs while i write this blog. hahaha... it was raining and so cold this morning. it's always nice when the sun decided to pop out and say gid'day.

this post is dedicated to our besties... our benjamin's god parents. 'cos they're awesome and we miss them x

cool dude
diana f+
diana f+

Sunday, April 1, 2012

hello number 9.

funnest family session!

a family of 11. Mom + Dad and 9 beautiful kiddies later... still in LOVE as ever!
no matter if its high tide, raining and massive waves, nothing will stop them from having the bestest fun (this includes climbing the rocks... yup, and that's also mom holding her newborn bub climbing all those rocks)

introducing... little miss number 9. isn't she beautiful!

hello 9!