Friday, March 16, 2012


so we said our goodbye to the coolest bestest daddy ever... My husband.
He's off to New Zealand already while the kiddies and I enjoy Australia just a wee bit longer.

yup. i am hubby sick. (kinda like home sick but i don't even know if that's even grammatically correct) missing him so much! anyway... These pics were some snippets just an hour before we had to go... no one wanted to pose for me. gosh.

until recently, i never knew living so close to the beach is just pure awesome. seriously.

my world.
my world.
chub chub feet
benjamin and daddy's footprints

Thursday, March 8, 2012

cute as a button

the new addition to my beautiful friend Bek and Grant
Bek and I were pregnant at the same time when we went to Shine (christian female leadership summit) back in 2007! funny how Tave and Ry were in our tummy back then and now they're playing together. sooo cool.

this is little Abby. cute as a button.

Sisterly love
Sisterly love

Our new pad // temporarily

So here is the big news... we are MOVING to New Zealand!!!!!

yup. i've said it!

we have packed our whole life away in a container and it'll be ready to ship across the Tasman sea soon soon soon. We are temporarily living the Gold Coast life right in the heart of Surfers Paradise! sooo nice. the kids loves it. beach right across from the hotel, seaworld is just 5 minutes drive, take away food around the corner... and as for me, i've had bubble tea 3 days in a row! heaven!!! haha

oh, that's right. so yes... we don't take this decision lightly but we are so excited about the adventure God has put right in the front for us! I am still coming back to the Gold Coast for photography so don't worry to those who have booked their wedding and family pics... cos i'll be back for them. yay! *really... it's an excuse for me to come back to see all of your beautiful faces xxx

life at the suite
life at the suite
life at the suite
Surfers Paradise
fun at the verandah