Sunday, December 26, 2010

We have landed!

Happy Holiday everyone! We landed in New Zealand at Christmas Eve in Queenstown! ohhhh so so so so soooo beautiful! I've got a new lappy to work on my blog with so bare with me. this is going to take longer than expected. i should've took my other lappy.

Christmas day was amazing!!!!!!!! Being with family on Christmas day after missing Christmas with them for 3 years is definitely PRICELESS! sigh.... love love love it here! yes... i have got more to blog about.

Until then, much love to you from my family and i xoxo

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

my little favourite shop

had their re-opening for their bigger and better store! 'twas last week and i wish i brought more money with me and bought the whole entire store. hehe... oh i so love their entire collection. mmm yes, one of that, and 2 of that, and 10 of those kinds, and 3 more of those ones... list goes on and on and on... check out... LoveMae store! xo

LoveMae Reopening Night

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

where i live.

sometimes we all wonder what's so good about the city that we live in... well, i do... especially when the weather has not been so kind for the past week or two.

but i think i might have to change my mind when i looked at the prettiness of my own city: The Gold Coast. this was taken during a family photoshoot at the beach. pure bliss.

ps. 9 days til Christmas!!!!!!!

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 Baby

Newborn loves? yes yes i do love little babies! xo sigh... can't wait to meet my own.

Newborn session
Newborn session

beach day out.

It's hot, I'm sweating when I clean my house, my skin feels burning when I stand at the beach for 5 minutes, the air-con at home has been on non stop... it's OFFICIALLY the SUMMER in the Gold Coast!

To those of you beach lovers out there... enjoy!!! i think i wouldn't mind if no one has to drag me out of the ocean where it's nice and cool... Can you believe it's 12 more days until Christmas?! mmmm... makes me wonder when i'm going to start my Christmas shopping! i know i'm shocking! Somebody please help me!

As for the pic, brother sister love. Beach time.

Beach day out.

the new little pet.

her name is Jelly and she's got a little pink tutu and a tiara. She prawls and she chuuu when you pet her nose or head. Thank you aunty Kelly for the bestest Pet ever!!! *the one that doesn't die....

Until now, Tavé still thinks that our little fish is still at the hospital and being mended by the doctor until after the new year. sigh... bless her little cotton socks off....

Tavé and Jelly
Tavé and Jelly

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December is here.

festive month... jingle bells, christmas trees, eggnog, pretty lights, chocolate chip cookies, most importantly... none other than FAMILY TIME! ... as for us, we're off to New Zealand on Christmas eve. so can NOT wait!

Thought i'd share some christmas lovin' in the beginning of the month... considering the weather is SOOOOO HOT and it's not agreeing with my pregnant body. sticky sweat while editing? gahhhh....
but... Happy Summer everyone! beach here i come again today! xo

ps. Who's cute little feet are these? Can't wait to share with you some of the photos from this session soon soon soon!!!

December is here

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ballerina party

Tavé's 3rd birthday party... was in the midst of non stop rain week in the Gold Coast... so we cancel the park and had it in a lovely indoor none other than my church... Revolution Church. bless....

Such a fun morning filled with mini ballerinas (well, i did wear my tutus... and it JUST fit me with a few stretch noise here and there when i put it on... yes i had no shame), lots of cupcakes, pretty castle cake, face painting, cool bunting decoration which Pauline and I made at 11.30pm the night before... lots n lots of dancing of course... we had fun!!!!

thought i'd share with you the morning of it... and thank you everyone who contributed to make it such a special morning... and to everyone who came. ohhhh, don't you love the cake made by Elizabeth?! can NOT believe you're only 14! pretty fairies who did face painting plus Brooke, and thank you so much for the ribbon wands, pinwheels and pearls! xo

Happy birthday,

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

flower girl.

let me introduce you to two of the cutest flower girls around.
hehehe... these two had so much fun throwing petals everywhere followed by the night boogie dance while the speeches where on. us parents were hushing and ssshhh-ing them to do their fun thing quietly. too cute...

congrats Jackie and Travis!!!! thank you for letting us be apart of your amazingly beautiful & special day! lovesssssssssssss!!!! (insert lots n lots of love hearts here)

ps. just in case you remember. MO-vember is officially over today!!!! yay for no more moustache!!!!!!!! yay yay yay (yes, i am doing my happy dance... all secretly in my room while Jeremy's shaving his moustache off!)

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Friday, November 26, 2010

i'm three now.

if you know my Tavé, every time she talks to someone or even someone she just met (and somehow chose to be comfortable around that person)... these past 4 days she's been saying "i'm a big girl. I'm three now." and then sometimes later on during the conversation, she'll add "there's a baby inside my mommy's tummy"
sigh... she's so adorable. I am one super blessed woman.

this was actually taken during a family photoshoot i did today. she asked if she could go into the tent before we totally pulled it down, along with her Asa bear (a bear that was given to us during Asa's dedication so she called it Asa bear). so so cute. she was such a good assistant! and yes, i did pay her $1 tonight when she got home for her good work. she was thrilled and surprised that i paid her! awwwwww... little darling!

i'm three now.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

sisterly love.

I get the giddy feeling when I was editing this session. I love love love sisterly love, cuddles and kisses!
Since we have no idea what we're having and miss Tavé is so sold that she is having a little sister (as she ALWAYS reminds me that she loves her little sister inside mommy's tummy whenever she cuddles me)

Jeremy and I honestly wouldn't mind having 2 girls... awwww... imagine the pretend play they will have together, not to mention... endless tea party. Jeremy just wanted a boy who he can teach rugby or cricket i think... and be rough with... yeah...

love love! sisterly love indeed. I might have another competition on guessing what the sex of the baby is AND need help with names! aaargghhh... it would be the hardest task in the world i think.... choosing the perfect name for your baby/ies!

Renita Stuart Photography

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christmas GIFT idea!

my bulb of idea came on and thought i might help you with a couple of ideas... for Christmas. cos it is after all the happiest day of the year... haha

so, I'm selling photography session in 2011 for $100 which is 50% of normal price! nutter!!! yes yes.. ohhhh is that all? no no no that's not all! (putting my rugs-a-million voice) if you purchase 2, i'll give you the 3rd one absolutely for no charge at all! i won't even accept your 5cents if you insist! oh dear.

anyway, all purchased of this Gift Voucher (has to be purchased prior Christmas 2010) all proceeds goes towards SIDS and Kids. ^_^
If you would like to purchase some, please click over here.

ps. yes, i am showing some of my face one of this day... this was taken on my birthday last month. cheezyyyyyy!!! at least the voucher has a super pretty girl on it! not me. xoxoxo

Renita Stuart Photography

Monday, November 22, 2010

gone fishing.

oh how much i long to put that sign up... "i'm not here, gone fishing."
hah! yes, i am looking forward to December. am looking forward to Christmas... looking forward to spending time with my in laws... looking forward to have some r & r... and definitely for some inspiration time alone.. maybe fishing? or let alone just eating fresh fish caught from the lake EVERYDAY! mmm... festive season. i love i love.

ok. as the chinese say "ciayoooo" (i think it means fight fight fight), let me fight through few more days of November! yay. and a BIG yay for my husband moustachio to go away forever!!!! til next year. grrr

Renita Stuart Photography

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday princess Tavé

ok. maybe we went a little overboard. but it's just my wacky idea and passing the baton of encouragement and do it nice and big by Jeremy just totally made Tavé's morning a lovely one!

she woke up to her room filled with hanging balloon from the ceiling and floor filled with balloons! who did them? of course mommy and daddy... (around about 11.30pm still blowing CO2 into the balloons ... huffing and puffing and playing with strings and selotape) haha! so so cool!

thought i'd share with you her excitement from this morning... and one of her cute little present from us! xoxo

Happy birthday, darlin! you're the best gift that God's ever given mommy and daddy! and yay happy celebration for us for 3 years hahaha.

 Tavé's 3rd birthday
 Tavé's 3rd birthday

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

country bunnykin.

I'm dedicating this blog post to 2 people:
- Cat Burford who requested baby animals for her shoot. bless her beautiful soul.
- my sister Cynthia who has been a bunny crazy since forever. it's her birthday soon.

thought you might like these picsies. Bunnies are so illegal in Queensland. sigh. i want one in my backyard.

now i need to keep my butt together to get these editing finish soon... until then.... check out my Renita Stuart Photography facebook page to win a session and a print voucher worth more than $500! weeeeeee... do checky check! what to do? follow the instruction its so easy peasy! xo

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Sunday, November 14, 2010

January 2011

I was posting the last blog and totally forgot to mention it here about what we're doing in January! arghhh! anyway... here it is:

"to all our fans and lovers of Renita Stuart Photography, 100% of the funds from any pregnancy, family, pet, or child session in January 2011 are going to be donated directly to SIDS and Kids: First Birthday present to my son in heaven.- Asa Stuart"

Spots are limited as I will be in New Zealand for 1/3 of the month so it's all a go go go! wooooohoooo.
On the side note, let me make you happy with these beautiful pics of a fellow photographer Felicity Marler from Central Coast. Isn't her family so lovely?

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

two little indians.

1 little... 2 little... forget the 3, 4 and 5... haha.
that little Indians song was one of the first English song i learnt (mmm... back when i was 10?) lol
again... another magical session from Jinky workshop in Canberra... I'm slowly crawling myself back into editing more from the workshop! I'm still catching up! aaaaa....
at the same time, I'm also organising
Tavé's 3rd birthday. what party did she request? ballerina!!!! and seems like she's been organising it for months! oh my gosh. it's gotta be the party of the century i think!

For you kiwis out there, I am excitingly heading towards your way for Christmas and New Year! so I'm opening session times in Queenstown, Cromwell, Wanaka and Christchurch. If you're interested, please email me and yay for some New Zealand fun!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Change The World day

is on 19th November 2010. be apart of it. do something.
am supporting the local cafe by simply purchasing a hot chocolate (or a coffee if you're prefer cos i don't drink coffee) and all the their hot beverage sales goes to an orphanage in Bali.
bless their beautiful hearts and souls....

if you're in the Gold Coast, go down to Alfred st, Mermaid Beach and there's this super cute funky cafe Vintage Espresso on the day and maybe purchase 2 or 3 or 4 coffees.... and don't blame me if you're started to act like a chihuahua for too much caffeine hehehehe.... it's all for the cause! xo

Change the World Day
Change the World Day

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

what's in the wood?

i hear that one pretty little butterfly was fluttering around and playing with the hopping little bunny.
she asked: "bunny, when do you get to play with me?"
bunny says: "i am playing with you right now! we just have all these people taking whole bunch of photos of us playing. just keep quiet and enjoy the sun in the 9 degrees weather!"

thus the end of the story.

and the rest of it.... all you hear is click click click click click click click of the camera... yes yes... a wonderful sound!

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Byron Bay trip.

Here are some of family snap shots once again before i archive everything into my beloved external hard drive... such a heart of a champion.
When the in laws are over here, the family (excluding the pregnant me and Tavé) went kayaking with the dolphins (jealous much? yes... yes i was) so i took miss D for a drive with us and ended up to be a pretty good Monday day for photos!!! yesssshhhh.... *mentally trying to compensate what i lost* haha.

ps. meanwhile, please pray for my family back in Indonesia... mom and dad are located where the mountain was erupted and last night was even worse! airport is closed and the city looked like a ghost town.

Byron Bay
Byron Bay Trip!
my little d.
Byron Bay Trip!
Byron Bay Trip!
my little moocha

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

hanging out with grandad

We love it when families are around, especially when the grandies are in town! Full house, lots of laughs and running around (not done by me or Jeremy)... yay!

Special times! xoxo

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Monday, November 1, 2010


Some cute snap shots of a commercial shoot for a little toy store in Canberra :: ToyHaus.

I wonder who's little groovy chicky this is. hehe.

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography