Friday, September 30, 2011

bambooty baby

someone's on the move. guess who?! yup. little mister mister is CRAWLING!
my life will never be the same again. cute army crawl and he's so fast. oh my!

oh, have i told you... that I'm a cloth nappy convert! yup, done my dues to the environment! strangely enough, i'm actually LOVING my cloth nappies, would you believe?! these cutesies are from bambooty and they're the BESTest + cutest ever! so easy to clean, saving me money, and a bit of a secret... i feel such an accomplishment and pride every time i hang them up on the line. sigh... so good!

Someone's on the move!
Bambooty nappies

Thursday, September 22, 2011

GUN CITY // Gold Coast Family Photography

How big can you dream? There's footprints on the moon, i'm sure sky isn't the limit. One of my dreams is to be able to take my whole family for a holiday somewhere far far away... (that would probably consist of my little family + my parents + my siblings and their husband/wife + kiddies OR vice versa with Jeremy's family).

This family... just did.
20 passports!!!!!

I had the privilege to photograph one of the most amazing family on the planet. Uncle Dave and aunty Betsy owns the gun empire... GUN CITY and if you're into hunting like our family... this is your happy land! We love these guys so so much, Jeremy and I felt like being apart of this family whenever we're together.

6 incredible children, 2 gorgeous daughters in law, 1 amazing son in law, 2 champion future sons in law, 7 beautiful grandbabies. again.... such an amazing family. Here's some snippets of the quicky photoshoot xo


Sunday, September 18, 2011

so blessed.

to have these two in my life. I have the privilege to raise these two beautiful kiddies, who just love each other so much.
whenever Benjamin is awake from his nap, Tave was the first person who he was looking for. Many mornings that Jeremy and I wake up in the morning to find these two chatting with each other in Benjamin's cot.

another word.... sooooo blessed. i feel so warm and fuzzy.

just another family blog.

Play time
Play time
Play time
Play time
beautiful kids

hello teeth // Gold Coast Baby & Family Photography

first tooth wasn't captured on camera when he popped up to say hello. but now that number 2 tooth has decided to join the world, i think it's just appropriate for me to captured it on camera.
so hello teeth. so glad to have you... please just be kind to my night... i love my sleep too much.

hello teeth!

Monday, September 5, 2011

[ j u m p ]

these two are the masters of jumping. cracks me up.
from the latest engagement session.

i suppose you could say it's a .... sneak peak. hehe

free as a bird
kung fu fighting