Monday, November 28, 2011

my little maestro

have i told you that i love my kids? sooooo much!

these two played the piano (more likely to smash them really....) and it was B's first time playing it and he loves it!

so much love with these two
his first time playing piano
chubby little fingers

my little 4 year old

i can NOT believe 4 years ago i was sitting at home trying to work out my (then) new Canon 400d and have a newborn baby at home. i was definitely very trigger happy with my (then) newborn princess.... who's now 4 years old! my goodness! where did all of the time fly to?

her latest trick: trying to get our wedding photos out of the wall so she can hang it up in her bedroom. "This will look good next to my baby photos in my room..." - Tavé
and this isn't the first time she tried to do it. mmmm.....

bless her. bless her indeed. such a sweet heart.


say whaaaa?

things that you wouldn't expect when you do a wedding.
the bride took over your job and started photographing you instead!

only happened to us. haha

switch role

Saturday, November 19, 2011

van Halen part 2.

remember van halen part 1? he's all grown up! too cute!
he's such a little bruiser! the whole 20 mins photoshoot ends up with lots of sand, sea water and more sand.

he's had such a blissful time! and so did his mommy!

sashie and halen
sashie and halen

Thursday, November 3, 2011


do you remember this little man? he's changed so much since then.
beautiful boy.

hello moses.

little toosh

hello! we had such a wonderful weather here on the Gold Coast... perfect for a mini commercial shoot this afternoon. no... not a cute bum commercial... hehehe you wish!

this little man is so much fun! such a little man.
sand, water and mischief! who else if it's not Hay-nay!

cute bum
cute bum

Wednesday, November 2, 2011