Tuesday, January 24, 2012


welcome to the world baby girl. you are so loved by many already, especially by your mommy and daddy.

little miss Liberty. ❤

(posting one of many to come)


rain rain go away // Gold Coast family photography

day 15 // playing in the rain

ok. i am totally bad at this project.
i'm missing day 13 and 14... i'm sure i was pretty much cleaning the house then. the whole 2 days. cleaning and washing. yes yes.... endless amount of washing to be fold.

little poser

home bound

day 12 // a bit sad to say goodbye to our favourite country (besides australia)
to be honest... i was sad to say bye bye to the noodle house. all the asians in Christchurch says... amen.

mid sky
Gold Coast

day 11

this project has proved to be abit hard for me to do.
bahahahahhaa.... lets just take it a month at a time hey.

this is day 11. we took a boat ride from Momorangi to Picton with Tim. quite a bumpy ride i must say... and benjamin hates his life jacket. haha.

day 11

Monday, January 23, 2012


day 10 // i know i know... i'm so so behind with my blogging. oh dear.

this was what we were up to on the 10th day of 2012

family fun

first day at school

it's been the talk for months. today is the day.

she's so excited, got her school bag ready, water bottle ready, all go go go.
this is my little girl. all grown up.

first day at school
first day at school
first day at school

Saturday, January 21, 2012


day 09 // Nelson - Momorangi bay

so pretty. and yes. more cows... (for some reason, this holiday we've seen more cows than sheep)


on our 6 years.

day 08 // we're on the road once again. to the city of Nelson; top of south island to spend the night with my sister in law and her hubby. we left Christchurch after lunch and had a few stop over: toilet stop, chuck up on the way, need new nappy, not to forget... photo stop!

such a nice day to spent it with my most absolute favouritest people in the world!

day 08 // on our way to Nelson
hello there.
touch flirry thing
my boys
to the air i go
crazy hair

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

day 06 // Christchurch

on the 6th day of 2012, hubby and I took a little stroll in the heart of Christchurch. So heart breaking to see all the buildings gone, all closed inside the Red Zone. This is the city where I spent my teenage years... i grew up here... so sad!

BUT! despite all that depressing kinda feeling, Christchurch have built a little oasis feeling kinda nook tucked in ever so neatly inside the heart of the city.

Thought i'd share what we saw that day....

Red Zone - Christchurch
Red Zone - Christchurch
Cashel Container Mall - Christchurch
Cashel Container Mall - Christchurch
Cashel Container Mall - Christchurch
pretty sunflower
Cashel Container Mall - Christchurch
toi toi Christchurch
Cashel Container Mall - Christchurch
Cashel Container Mall - Christchurch

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby #3 is on his/her way // Gold Coast maternity photography

no... it's not my number 3. You'd know it from my blog if it is. *giggle

Had so much fun with this family... my beautiful friend Kristina is having her number 3 soon soon soon! For someone who shares the same birthday as me (too cool... too cool), she's just so awesome, fun to hang out with (along with all of our 4 children combined) we shares so much laugh together; BUT she's got the grace and patience like no one i know! i LOVE hanging out with her; hoping those patience and endurance towards our stubborn girls are rubbing off on me. hehe.

For all of you who believes in old wives tales... what do you reckon she'll have?
stay tuned for baby pics soon! ahhh i so can't wait and yes... i am getting clucky! terrible i know!

can you tell she's a model? haha she'll smack my head if she read this...
but seriously, Kristina, you are smokin' hot for one super pregnant momma! i should've attached that pic we laughed about. SHOULD'VE....... (still pondering about it)

Gold Coast family beach fun
big bump

Monday, January 9, 2012

fly fishing - fish fish fish

day 05 // it was time for us to go back to Christchurch and say good bye to the beloved Bannockburn batch. Had such a lovely time with the in laws fly fishing in this cute little nook, where the water is so fresh and clear!

fishing trip
jaffa - fly fishing
i'm gonna miss you so much, nanna
fishing trip

wine tasting country

and yes... i'm in it! still!

day 04 // wine tasting with the in laws and the fothers
it was so delightful.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

its a cherry picking kinda day

day 03 // cheery picking day

too cute + too funny + awesome fun = glorious glorious cherry to nom nom nom


a day of gratitude

day 02 // a day trip to Arrowtown & Queenstown
full day of picnic, cute wee town, amazing view and not to forget... the Queenstown LUGE!

we've been having so much fun with a great family friends of ours who happens to be Tave's godparents. yes... how oh la la is this... having a family date in New Zealand. haha.

this picture is a pic of my gratitude. Took a pic at the same bench 4 years ago on our 2 year anniversary with a one month old... our little princess Tave. To have the same bench pic with another wee one is just so special. I do call myself a very blessed woman! x


Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2012!
it's very rare for me to have internet on my lappy while on holiday! gosh

so here is my new years resolution. lets give 365 project a crack hey! amongst all the other busy things of course... haha. this will be a 365 of our little family. x

day 01. had a boating morning + afternoon. my little man is due for his afternoon nap and the only place we could think of is in the back of dad's BMW. the funny thing about it... the last time i saw a picture of dad's boot, it's got a dead deer that Jeremy shot. And now. it's my little man sleeping. lol