Thursday, December 29, 2011

happy birthday to Jesus

hello! Happy Christmas 2011! sorry i'm a bit late but today is the only day i've got internet on my lappy. so yay! hope everyone had a beautiful day spent with family and friends celebrating the best guy's birthday who's ever walked this earth; Jesus.

in the other side of the note. look what my big boy and my princess got for Christmas.
boy toy!

tave keira

Sunday, December 18, 2011

a bit of some happiness and love and... marriage.

hello world! it's ONE week til Christmas! and yes.. i am dreaming of a white Christmas.
to entertain you with all the Christmas spirit around, I would like to invite you to the wedding day of mr & the new mrs Kenworthy which I photographed 2 weeks ago.

Such a blast! i love love love this couple, their family, their wedding, and.... their puppy KODA!
watch every single details of the wedding. it's been all carefully thought out... sigh. If i get married again, this would be THE wedding i'd have.

Since Sommer and I haven't got our act together yet with getting our website & blog organised... this is it for now... otherwise, you could click here for our facebook gig. yay!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

can't wait to meet you.

not long now... 'til you come to our lives full of fun + jokes + laugh + a bucketful of love
our little Libby.

love, mommy and daddy

baby full
baby full
baby full

Monday, December 5, 2011

the smiliest baby in town

i have to be a totally biased mom to know that God has blessed me with the happiest son in the world. not to mention, so easy to feed (which is a big deal for me since i have a daughter who takes ages to finish her food), easy to put to sleep (again, we used to deal with a screaming baby when we put tave down for a nap/ sleep), and he is so easy to entertain. thus... the constant smile!

last weekend i had the honor of shooting a beautiful couple's wedding, and much to my surprise... the groom's name is Asa. Some of you know I have an Asa who is in heaven having fun with our Jesus now.
I got to know this Asa and his bride Jenna... the most beautiful couple; inside and out. I fell in love with them; and makes me want to get married again to Jeremy (as usual haha) and i can't wait to share with you their love story in picture form!

So these picture of my beloved son... made me pause and think about how grateful I am what God has blessed me with. an amazing family, amazing career which i love doing, faith filled journey, unbelievable friends and unreal clients who made me fell in love with their story, their personality, their love!

Thank you for those who read my blog too. I'm sending you much love and hope you feel blessed with the pictures i've put here.

hello baby!
my son-shine
cutie pie