Monday, May 30, 2011

things you didn't count in.

when you're holidaying and eating tons and tons of yummy food.
Your child got food poisoning.... not just any food poisoning... really really really bad food poisoning.
sigh. breaks my heart. little princess had to stay in the hospital and got an iv drip put in cos she ran out of fluid. gosh. just in time...

she's all good now and home. hooray! xo
thank you for all the prayers and texts... we felt so loved. and tave did too.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello Jogja

here i am. finally at home. to those of you who asked how my trip was... it was unbelieveably easy. I don't know why i was so worried. Both kiddies were awesome and so easy. before i knew it, 10 hours flight came around so quickly. although i wish i finished my movie before Benjamin needed another feed during the flight.

Just wanted to share with you some of the images i got from home. some of them are mom's dogs (can you believe she's got more than 10 dogs around her home), an inside view from mom n dad's car spare parts shop, a food lady who came to our shop and we just picked food from her little cart thing and a trip my sisters and i took with Cynthia's in law to the mushroom restaurant. fun fun fun. til then, let me take some more pics and post some here.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

hot cross bump.

hello! it's been a while. yes yes it has!
i've been missing taking photos and the editing... and so here i am! yay. commemorating the making of a world changing baby! Will and Leigh's. so love them. xo can NOT wait to meet the little mister soon soon soon!

i'm off to indonesia in less than 5 hours. i shall have another hour of sleep. yes. i shall.

Will & Leigh
Will & Leigh
Will & Leigh
Will & Leigh

Monday, May 9, 2011

My mother's day

I had the best weekend. Tavé n her daddy successfully executed a super duper plan for my mother's day and even though my little man decided to wake me up for some boobies at 5.30am instead of 7am, i had a knock on the door from Tavé asking what i would like from the breakfast menu this morning.

in the afternoon, we had a cute little picnic at Mt Tamborine with Sommer's family. oh so cute cute day. oh, forgot to mention... before we stuffed ourselves with food, we did some photos. yes... we did.

this is my family.

ps. thank you sommer for taking our pics. this is the first time i had pics that has the 4 of us! yay

my love
my world