Wednesday, February 6, 2013

we have moved.

this lovely blog has been such a blessings for my business for the past 2-3 years.
now it's time to upgrade and move onto better things.

please make your way to for an updated recent work / personal stuff as well as pretty pictures that makes it my website! yayyyyyy

thank you so much for all your love and attention for this lovely blogspot site...
and it shall vanish in about a month



Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Zealand road side

ok, it's not a joke. I seriously have NOT touched my camera in months! poor mr. Ay-jay!!!!
i have instead... been iphoning and instagraming like crazy. gosh... technology i say...

today... i'll be shooting a wedding!!!! first time since may! its been a good break... and i wish somewhat it's still a break with this ever growing belly of mine... hahaha.
it's all good, so looking forward to today. Hope your day is beautiful xxx


Sunday, September 16, 2012

hello gorgeous.

hello again world. i have come out from hiding. it's spring! so yes, i'm not hibernating anymore hopefully. we are moving into our new house this weekend, i'm sooooo excited! as much as its been great and we've been so blessed to be able to live with the in laws.... i think i'm ready to have my house trashed for the day so kids can do whatever they want, and i'll just clean up at night. haha.

so i suppose moving country isn't as easy as 1,2,3...
i didn't take into account that emotionally you could go up and down so much... and you could say i'm so homesick. hmmm, yes my friends.. i do miss you all! i need to make new friends....

to cheer you all up, here is my recent shoot after not having mr. Ay-Jay out of his camera bag for months.... ta da!!! hope you like them. aren't they sweet?


Saturday, July 14, 2012

happy winter day

hello everyone! yup, i am indeed still alive... amongst the cold fluey season, moving country, making friends, finding schools, house hunting, working part time at a timber yard, and editing weddings.... i am well and truely missing my photography and missing this blog.

New Zealand is beautiful. winter has been cold... and snowy (yes... that i do need to blog! -- it snowed the second week we arrived!), still crashing at the in laws (loving it and loving not having to cook everyday)...

I promise i'll be good and do some more blog... my hubby just went pass and clapped his hand saying bravo to me for doing a blog after so long! oh my.

here are some pics of a gorgeous little family i knew back in the Gold Coast.
don't you just want to chomp her cheeks? hehehehe. i did. once... (with her mommy looking at me weirdly hahaha)

IMG_0392 copy
IMG_0519 copy

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

autumn morning in Christchurch

Good morning, Wednesday and the world! it's a working day for this one momma here. Dropped the kids of to nanna's place and she's working in front of the computer and every now and then, she'll ponder and dream about life peering through her window. sunshine (which could be quite deceiving with all the cold wind) and all the pretty leaves!!!!

oh, hello there too little birdie!

autumn sky
pretty flowers

row row row your boat

yup, i miss everything Australia. especially the warmth...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

editing monkey

that's what i am! at the moment. 

no no... i haven't gone MIA. been enjoying the new country of residence and doing all the new resident suppose to do. eg. get your driver license changed, get tax file number sorted, get kids' kindy sorted... etc etc etcAND on top of that... i've got two weddings to edit. sweet sweet weddings!

it is now 1.35am and i should really go to bed. but hey.... here are some sweet sweet pics of the one i just edited tonight.
enjoy xoxo