Saturday, July 14, 2012

happy winter day

hello everyone! yup, i am indeed still alive... amongst the cold fluey season, moving country, making friends, finding schools, house hunting, working part time at a timber yard, and editing weddings.... i am well and truely missing my photography and missing this blog.

New Zealand is beautiful. winter has been cold... and snowy (yes... that i do need to blog! -- it snowed the second week we arrived!), still crashing at the in laws (loving it and loving not having to cook everyday)...

I promise i'll be good and do some more blog... my hubby just went pass and clapped his hand saying bravo to me for doing a blog after so long! oh my.

here are some pics of a gorgeous little family i knew back in the Gold Coast.
don't you just want to chomp her cheeks? hehehehe. i did. once... (with her mommy looking at me weirdly hahaha)

IMG_0392 copy
IMG_0519 copy


Cyn said...

beautiful posts!

sanind88 said...

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Ink said...

Gorgeous posts Cute kids and her mom...