Friday, March 25, 2011

5 weeks

how fast have time gone? far out. mr B is now 5 weeks and have put on a bit of chub chub (from all the demand feeding i've been giving him) and i have to confess that it is so true.... when the second child arrived, i haven't taken many photos of him like i did with Tave.
From what i can remember, i took about more than 1000 photos in her first 2 weeks alone...

anyway, i'd love to memorate these moments and these little yumminess while i can... it's Saturday... hubby's home and i'm relaxing just a tiny bit. bliss.

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

happy one month

to my little man. who doesn't want to let go of my boobs today... for some reason....
so it is 8pm now and i am exhausted... need more energy to produce more milk. yerrr....
(ok sorry guys, maybe it's too much information... lol) but it is what it is...

I still can NOT believe he is one month already! I'm pretty sure it's only last week that i was telling people that you're meant to come out that week. time flies.... but we're still so thankful that you're here safe and sound. more love in our family xoxo

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the number TWO.

Adjustment... no... not in the chiropractor kind of way... in "LIFE" kind of way...
2 is definitely better than 1... and hard yes yes it is... oh sleep where art thou? while the kiddies are asleep and before i too trotted off to the land of zzzz and peace, i shall sneak in a couple of documentary photos of what has been happening in our household.

definitely more LOVE.

Bath time
bath time
sisterly love

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First Photoshoot

little mr. Bee was only 3 days old when he had his first photoshoot with miss Sarah from Sarah Watson Photography. she was so amazing with him. She gently rocked him, patting him so softly... far out, honestly, it does take such grace to be a newborn photographer... Anyhow, its too cute not to document the moment. 3 hours. blissful photos. i was too sore to move. yar.... xo

Renita Stuart Photography
Renita Stuart Photography